Special needs need special treatment

Psychological and cognitive consulting

Consulting psychology addresses such areas as assessment and interventions at the individual, group and organizational levels. This improves productivity and streamlines the relationship between an organization and its environment.

1Range of activities (click to read more)

Individual assessment

One-on-one consulting

Individual and group process consultation

Organizational development

Education, workshops, trainings

Appraisal and employee selection

Manager coaching

Change management

2Leadership Diagnostics, Assessments and Development (click to read more)

Special package of tools for supporting the development of valuable leadership skills. Our diagnostic program is helping to understand leaders’ strengths and weaknesses. Strong leadership can be harnessed to optimize productivity. We help leaders reach their full potential.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP is program that assists employees with personal and work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being. It is a confidential counselling service offered by employers to their employees to promote health in the workplace and in their personal lives.

1EAP benefits (click to read more)

Decreased absenteeism and associated downtime costs

Higher productivity

Lower accident rates

Reduced accidents and fewer workers' comp claims

Greater employee retention

Fewer labor disputes

Significantly reduced medical costs arising from early identification and treatment of individual mental health and substance use issues


Tailored training and advice solutions for employees and leaderships. The goal is helping clients to develop the tools needed to improve their mental health and manage problems more effectively. Our workshops focus on practical skills, their goal is to interest and activate the participant in order to acquire lasting knowledge

1Workshops examples (click to read more)

Identifying and managing stressful situations

Conflict resolution

Managing anxiety

Breaking unhealthy behaviours

Developing healthier behavioural patterns

Mindfulness and relaxation

Increasing resilience

Teamwork and leadership

Social skills trainings

Sexual harassment awareness

Employees will learn to take action and spread the word about potential sexual harassment problems before they occur. Sexual harassment training largely focuses directly on improving the practical skills of dealing with any problem of sexual harassment. Your employees will receive a pre-test and post-test of their understanding of what is improper behavior. This test can also become a permanent part of their personnel file. Sexual harassment training is a major step in your company's commitment to stopping incidences of sexual harassment in your workplace.

1Sexual Harassment Training (click to read more)

Workplace analysis

Preventive and reactive seminars

Practical skills workshops

Identification and stopping of sexual harassment behavior and issues

Identification of the difference between sexual harassment and discrimination

Minimizing conflict and maximizing the effectiveness of employees who handle sexual harassment complaints

Correct and incorrect behavior - practical workshop

The Role of Leadership

All employees will become aware of the laws covering sexual harassment so they can stop any incidents before they occur

COVID – 19 Employee Assistance Program

COVID – 19 EAP is a special program to help your employees win over anxiety or stress related to the virus.

1COVID-19 EAP (click to read more)

Consulting & counseling services

Special training for leadership

Tips for adjusting to working from home

Live webinars on coping with anxiety and other issues around COVID-19

Digital self-care tools

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